Wireless News and Incidents
Mobile cybercrime threat rises

Stealing Your Neighbor's WIFI Signal is Still Illegal

More people grabbing Wi-Fi from their neighbors

Facebook hack means rethinking digital privacy

Wireless router hijacked for child pornography

The Facebook Setting You Should Change as Quickly as Possible

Newstweek: news modification demonstration via wireless access

2011: More Wireless, More Cybercrime, Less Privacy

CES: Fitness, health tech all about wireless monitoring

Apple Slapped With Suit Over Apps And Privacy

University wireless networks are attacked 200,000 times daily

Hacker Shows How Cloud Could Wash Out Wireless Security         

Wireless expert testifies in Palo Alto murder-arson trial

Local businesses take steps to protect Wi-Fi users

Revealed: how Vodafone dealers bend the rules posing as customers

Flying cars, no; embedded communications devices, yes

Playboy on iPad Renews Debate Over Privacy, Workplace Rules

Legislature a lesson in wireless insecurity

Former UMDNJ worker sentenced to probation over stolen phones, laptops

Are Your Neighbors Stealing Your Wi-Fi?

New Hack Turns Cell Phones Into Spying Devices

Include Wi-Fi among security risks at airports, FBI warns in Sacramento

Mobile phones face mounting security risks in 2011

Hotel #wireless brings on phantom friends

iPad Hackers Arrested for AT&T Security Breach              

In India: Secure that Wi-Fi connection or be prepared for jail

How safe is free public Wi-Fi?

O2 providing free wi-fi for everybody

NYC Parks To Get Free WiFi, At A Price

Tapping Into the 'Electric Home of the Future'

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